The Ramayana of Valmiki: Adventures of Prince Rama

Welcome. This site is dedicated to the ancient epic "The Ramayana of Valmiki," which discribes the amazing pastimes, adventures and superhuman exploits of Prince Rama. Since ancient times the Ramayana has been the source of inspiration for spirituality, art, dance, poetry and music throughout much of Asia.

The Ramayana consists of seven sections. It begins with events leading up to the birth of Prince Rama, followed by King Dasharatha's plans to coronate Rama as Prince Regent. Before this can happen, Rama is banished from the kingdom and suffers various misfortunes in the wilderness of India until His ultimate triumph. The Ramayana has a very simple and straightforward plot. But like all ancient literature, it contains within it many sub-plots of other stories woven into it, creating a complex and rich canvas upon which the story unfolds. As such, the Ramayana comprises seven sections called kandas. These have varying numbers of chapters as follows: Bala-kanda—77 chapters, Ayodhya-kanda—119 chapters, Aranya-kanda—75 chapters, Kishkindha-kanda—67 chapters, Sundara-kanda—68 chapters, Yuddha-kanda—128 chapters, and Uttara-kanda—111 chapters. That comes to a total of 645 chapters.

I would like to thank Ram Prasad for his many services and editorial help, without which the translation would never have been completed. I also would like to thank Madhukantha, Sri Gopal and Mathuadhish for their help and services rendered during the translation process that enabled me to complete it. I never could have accomplished this monumental translation project without the input of these four individuals.

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